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Moudros - See on map




location b
type b
Sandy / shallow
amenities b
Umbrellas by Municipality & umbrellas and sunbeds beach bar –beach volley
beachicons b
Dirt road



Chavouli abstains about 3 km from Moudros, and is organized. It is located on a wide cove sheltered from northern winds. Golden yellow sand, transparent crystal clear waters and amazing (and protected!) sea lilies, characterizing the landscape. It is generally indicated for those who want organized beaches without much fuss and crowd. The beach bar which operates there provides umbrellas and sunbeds, while the Municipality of Limnos has placed umbrellas on the beach. You may reach Chavouli through Moudros. You will follow the dirt road to Scandal and at 3.5 km you will turn right. It will take further 650 meters of driving to reach the beach.




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