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A thermal island.

According to mythos, Hephaestus healed his injuries here, when Zeus threw him off Mt Olympus. European travelers who arrived in Limnos during the Middle Ages, often refer to the thermal springs on the island. During the Turkish occupation, an inn and a spa were built to accommodate visitors.

Nowadays, the thermal springs of Limnos are just 6 km outside of Myrina, in Therma, surrounded with modern facilities and forming a thermal oasis in a verdurous environment.

According to analysis conducted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the water of the thermal spring in Therma, is moderately warm (39-43 oC), meteoric, low mineral and hypotonic, therapeutic and is recommended for Rheumatism, Gouty or arthritic disease, Osteoporosis, Spondylarthritis,   Nephrolithiasis and gall stone disease.

Besides spa therapy, at Therma visitors can enjoy mud therapy with the famous “Lemnia Land”, therapeutic and relaxing massages as well as beauty treatments.

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