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Limnos hasn’t got yet an organized network of wine routes. However, you may visit, wineries with a family tradition throughout generations, that create a new dynamic for Limnos’ wine inside and outside and the island.

The Wine Route runs through the entire island, with its vineyards being gathered mainly in the inland of Limnos, protecting it from the North winds of the Aegean, in Agios Dimitrios, Atsiki, but also in areas of Myrina, Moudros and New Koutali.

Two kilometers away from Myrina, on the way to the vineyards-growing zone in Mavrampelia, you’ll find the winery of Savvoglou –Tsivolas. Your visit here includes a tour to the ultramodern winery, presentation of the production process and the bottling of wine, everything from exclusively organic-farming grapes.

Open to visitors throughout the year, the first large private winery of Limnos, Ktima Chatzigeorgiou in Karpasi, one kilometer away from the airport, between the bay of Pournias and the Gulf of Moudros, has created a brand name in Greece and abroad, with the well known Muscat of Alexandria wine OPAP "Lemnia Terra" and a series of labels with great demand.

In the picturesque village Pedino, you can taste wine and raki in the winery of the wine producer John Kremmydas but also visit the old winery of the family business, called “lakario”, where in October they distil raki.

Finally, you can visit the winery of the wine producer Manolis Garalis in Agios Dimitrios.

During the spring, each year, several wineries on the island participate in the initiative of the European Network of Cities of Wine for free wine tasting, tours and acquaintance with the "gems" of the lemnian vineyards.

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