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Katalakkos - See on Map



On the north part of the island, on the hillsides of Katalakkos village lies an area of uncommon beauty. Pachies Ammoudies, or “Paxies Amdes” as referred to by the locals, are dunes of fine sand, which alongside the scattered brushwoods recall the charm of the desert at the north of the Aegean Sea. Expanding over an area of 17.5 acres, they create a magnificent landscape that is unique in Greece.

Their distinguishing feature is that they are found in the inland and are not part of the coastal dunes, which are formed through the sand movement from local winds, and this phenomenon is rare to occur in islands.

Impress with your photographs with the background of the wild olive trees or the aura of the … Sahara of Limnos!

How to get there:

At the entrance of Katalakkos, turn left at the first junction and follow the road sign towards Gomati Beach. After 2km on a fine dirt road, amongst the wild olive trees, turn left towards the sand dunes. You'll have a panoramic view of the beach, and after 850 meters, you'll find another junction at which you need to turn left. After 1700 meters, you will have reached the point where you can leave your car and get some first information about the place. A few meters further, there is an elegant kiosk for observation and resting, with information about the flora and fauna of the area.



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