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A narrow strait, a small strip of land, connects the Peninsula of Fakos to the rest of the island. The entire peninsula is a wildlife reserve, with special atmosphere, many steep coasts and interesting colorful volcanic rocks.

The landscape is impressive as the entire peninsula is unhabited, the only activity being the free grazing of sheep. Lots of chapels and folk architecture, paddocks of excellent folk architecture, mark the landscape. Important pasture land for the kehagiades of Limnos, as evidenced by the name of the nearest village Tsimandria.

Fakos is still a wildlife reserve for Lesser Kestrels, Eleonora’s Falcons partridges, etc.

At the southeastern edge of Fakos, a lighthouse at cape Kobi marks the entrance to the Gulf of Moudros. For the adventurous there is a path starting from Drimonas cove which leads to Kobi. On this route, lasting two hours, during the spring the nature excels. Wild flowers and emerald green waters create an amazing landscape.



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