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Kalliopi - See on map




location b
type b
Sandy / shallow
amenities b
Umbrellas by Municipality & umbrellas and sunbeds beach bar - beach volley - Surf – canoe enterprises
beachicons b
Easy access / Asphalt road



For the youth! One of the most popular and lively beaches of Limnos. Keros beach attracts the interest of the water-sport loves, especially surfing, as the weather is always favorable for those type of sports and there is a learning center located on the spot for windsurf, kitesurf and more. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to rent a canoe for a wonderful sea tour. A beach volley court completes the athletic environment of the beach. A beach bar with available umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as umbrellas from the Municipality of Limnos, are of course present. The turquoise and shallow waters make it ideal for children entertainment. It's found on the east part of Limnos, near the community of Kontoupoli.



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