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In the upper North-East Aegean, where the winds never stop blowing, lies Lemnos island, a giant butterfly with her wings being separated by Mudros Bay in the south, and the Bay of Bournia in the north.The nearest point of mainland Greece is the Mount Athos peninsula by which Lemnos always had a special relationship until recently, when merchants were selling their wheat at the 20 monasteries of Mount Athos and were returning with timber in the island.

As with all islands of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The original inhabitants, democratic Sinties, built the first parliament of the world.Then Jason came with the Argonauts who stayed for two years on the island before continue his way to Colchis, while during the Trojan war Lemnos becomes a supply base by the Achaeans but also a shelter to Philoctetes who was trying to heal his wound which caused by snake bite using Lemnean earth, the medicine of the era for poisonings.The successful recuperation of Philoctetes made Lemnean earth famous all over the world as a medicine for a plurality of diseases.

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