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Kalliopi - See on Map


The establishment of the village dates back, about 1200.



The establishment of the village dates back, about 1200, when the period of the decline of Hephaestia had started. At that time, the founder of the village, rich Calliope or Kalli, who had got land in the area, moved from Hephaestia. In one version Calliope was persecuted by Hephaestia because of her improper conduct. A marble sarcophagus with a carved cross bearing the words "Here lies the servant of God Kalli' is preserved in the village cemetery.

The Keros bay is the beach of the village. The bay extends about three kilometers and has been an important port until the Late Middle Ages. It was named because of its shape, which resembles a horn.

The hero of 1821 George Capetanakis descended from Kalliopi. The patron saint of the village is Agios Georgios, in honor of which a church of basilica type without a dome was built in 1869.

Every year on the feast of Agios Georgios traditional races are taking place. The route that the riders cover is about three kilometers long and extends from the church of Agios. Georgios near the beach of Keros until the entrance to the village. After the race, the award ceremony of the winner and a fundraising ball with traditional dancing and plenty of food and wine is taking place. This custom is conducted at least since the mid 19th century.

Near the village there is Chortarolimni, one of the most important wetlands in the prefecture of Lesvos. Is included in the NATURA network and being protected from environmental conditions. Since 2001 there is Environmental Information Center in the village, which is housed in the elementary school, in order to protect and promote the natural wealth of the region. There, the visitor can be informed and sensitized to environmental issues.

In the village one may visit the early Christian grave in the cemetery of Agia. Anna.  



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