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With the guidance of Artemis

The importance of Limnos as a hunting area is rooted in myth since antiquity, when the ancient denizens of the island worshipped Artemis as the patroness of Myrina and dedicated to the goddess of hunting a temple outside the city.

The relationship between Lemnians and hunting is based on this history but is also backed by a particularity met in only a few places in Greece. Only here do rabbits abound in such populations that cause damages to crops and vineyards, thus considered harmful and wanted for years!

That is why hunting is allowed from September 1st until the end of February, and during 10-15 days in March, daily and without limitations in various hunting areas of the island.

Lemnians, but also seasoned hunters from nearby islands of Chios, Lesvos and Samos, set up an ambush during the winter for wild ducks and woodcocks. From mid-September to mid-October, and for just four Sundays a year, hunters engage in hunting of the endemic Lesser Kestrel.

The active Hunting Club of Limnos is available for more information at these numbers: 22540 22062 & 6942404436

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