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Catch the drift of Greek culture from the local products, gastronomy with the 'saltiness 'of the Aegean Sea and the age-old competence of traditional recipes.

Using taste as your guide, adventure a unique tour around the island of Limnos.

The island, well-known for its passion for crops from the olden days, maintains to this day an excellent tradition in pasta and local cereal. "Flomaria", "valanes" and "aftudia», are served with cheese and meats in an example of local gastronomy. Two of the most delicious types of Greek cheese are also produced on the island. These are the "Limnos Kalathaki" (Product Designation of Origin) and the unique "Melichloro" otherwise known as "Melispasto".

Legend has it that the inhabitants of the island were taught how to tend the vineyards from the son of the gods Dionysus and Ariadne, Thoas.

Here, the saying "Like master, like man" is likely to be valid. And indeed, the resulting product is divine. The two most prominent wine varieties of the island are "Lemnio" or otherwise "Kalampaki" and the "Muscat of Alexandria”, both of which are Protected Designation of Origin type wines. These sweet wines, produced from overripe grapes of this variety, are internationally acclaimed and awarded, symbolize the flavors of the area.

Limnos is renowned for plentiful and fresh fish. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit and enjoy the taverns by the seaside.

Lastly, don't forget to taste the... "Historic" venizelika, chocolate bites with walnut filling, produced in the memory of Eleftherios Venizelos after his visit to the island.

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