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The main connection of Limnos with mainland Greece is via Kavala (72n.m. / 4:30 hours, Lavrion (148n.m./10 hours), and Thessaloniki (132n.m./8 hours).

map aeroporikos

Limnos is connected by ferry with:

iconBoat Thessaloniki

iconBoat  Kavala

iconBoat  Lavrion

iconBoat  Agios Efstratios

iconBoat  Psara

iconBoat  Mytilene 

 iconBoat Chios

iconBoat  Samos (Vathi, Karlovasi)

iconBoat  Ikaria (Agios Kirikos)




There are routes to N. Greece, once a week to Thessaloniki and 5 times a week to Kavala. There is connection with Lavrion 3 times a week, while sometimes through Agios Efstratios and Psara. The connection to the islands of the North Aegean (Mytilene - Chios - Samos - Ikaria) is 3 times a week.

These routes are served by NEL lines

There is daily connection with Agios Efstratios except Sunday. The local boat AIOLIS departs from the port of Myrina to Agios Efstratios at 15: 00 and from Agios Efstratios to the port of Myrina at 06: 30 in the morning. The journey duration is 2.30 hours.


Ticket Reservations

You can buy tickets from the travel Agencies of Limnos or the ticket counters at the port, at the arrival/departure point of ferries.

You can buy tickets to Agios Efstratios with AIOLIS either on board or from Myrina Travel, in Myrina.



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