Birds of Limnos

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Observing beauty.

Pink flamingos, snow-white swans, delicate recurvirostra avosetta, arched island chukars, lesser kestrels. Limnos is their home.

A resting stopover and wintering site for dozens of species of migrating birds, Limnos is an ideal choice for observing them.

The island’s mild development model as well as the existence of areas with minimal human intervention, make Limnos a perfect choice for lovers of the activity. Binoculars, cameras and love for nature is their main apparatus. It is an activity of scientific interest, giving at the same time a premium aesthetic experience..

A unique area throughout the Aegean is the wetland Hortarolimni- Lake Aliki, with a total area of approximately 18.000 square meters, classified in the Natura 2000 network, and a top choice for birdwatchers. More than 30 migratory and endemic species, such as recurvirostra avosetta, herons, lesser Kestrels, island chukars and flamingos spend their winters here. You can enjoy their greatness from bird observatories settled by the three lakes, in locations accessible by car.

Important wetlands are scattered on the island hosting significant populations of birds: in the Gulf of Moudros, the airport area, Old Pedino and New Koutali.

Besides wetlands, one may encounter rare bird species in residential areas as well. In the villages of Rousopouli, Repanidi, Kontopouli and Kalliopi, lesser kestrels and small hawks that live around people build their nests on house tiles or in ruins.

The Environmental Information Center which is located in the old primary school of the village of Kalliopi, is an important information source for the entirety of the island’s natural world. Contact the staff before visiting:   

Tel-fax: 22540 41330



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