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Daphni - See on Map


The original name of the village was Sverdia.



The original name of the village was Sverdia and appears to be related with the medieval word sivergidia which means many osiers. The place name Sivergidia, which refers to chrysobulls from Mount Athos that were found in the nearby dependency Charakas, reinforces the above aspect. In 1956 the village was renamed into Daphnei, from a large oleander that dominates in the area, because the place name Sverdia was jarring. In 1858 Conze visited the village and noted it on the map as Swerdia. He designed a ancient bas-relief which was embedded in the small church of Agios Dimitrios and was pointed out to him by the priest. This temple, which was old, is called today Agios Dimitrios Chouchlou. At that time, the temple of Agioi Anargiroi was being built, which was completed in 1872. It has a beautiful wooden carved temple. As it is reported, some native sailors brought the necessary stones for its construction from Malta and the inhabitants carried them from the coast with animals.



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