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Stand pedaling by the archipelago

Mild terrain, low hills, good road network without sharp turns and excellent dirt roads, make Limnos an ideal island for cycling.


City bikes

Using a city bike the visitor is able to move easily in the largest part of the island, especially so in the city of Myrina since there are next to no inclines.


Road bikes

The provincial road network of Limnos, spanning a length of 200km is consisted of asphalt with mild turns and is kept in excellent condition. The inland of Limnos its wide range of cycling routes is available for exploration by bicycle enthusiasts.


Mountain Bikes

There are countless off-road routes, apparent even in the simplest of island maps. We would indicate the following:

• The dam of Agios Dimitrios, following the path of Kontias - Agios Dimitrios and vice versa.

• From Katalakkos to the sand dunes, and to the majority of the beaches in northern Limnos.

• From Moudros to Fysini via Paradisi, passing through the wonderful beach of Parthenomytos, exploring almost the whole southeast side of the island.

• In the undiscovered Cape Fakos with the beautiful beach of Kokkina.


For discerning mountain bikers

There are no particularly high hills or designated routes but you can enjoy downhill at various points of the island such as Agio Athanasios in the vicinity of Kaspaka, from Katalako to Amothines, from Sardes to Gomati and from Kakavo to Evgatis.


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