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The island lives in a fever of creativity and inspiration throughout the year, which reaches its peak with the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Limnos. The Municipality organizes over the last years several events in Myrina and the villages with great success, while supporting the parallel actions of local artists, associations and workshops.

Performances of Limnos’ Folk Scene, one of the most active amateur theater groups of the Aegean, are taking place in the inner courtyard of the High School of Myrina, while two buildings-ornaments in Romeikos Gialos, Parthenagogeio and Christodoulideio, transform into galleries for exhibitions, on an island with a long tradition and activity in the fine arts.

Accordion concerts, musical evenings under the stars at the windmills in Kontias and at the dependency of the Cathedral, in Karpasi, concerts by your favorite artists, street musicals, visual art exhibitions at the overactive Art Gallery in Kontias take place during the summer nights.

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