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Atsiki - See on Map

he village's name is attributed to a variation of the ancient name Attica.



The village's name is attributed to a variation of the ancient name Attica, revealing the existence of an ancient settlement there. Another view, that the name came from the Turkish "Atsik: open (place)" because of the great plain which surrounds IS NOT VALID, since the place name had already been mentioned in the 13th century, long before the Turks came to Limnos.

Considerable people of letters and the arts originate from Atsiki. John Fotiadis, important sculptor who came from Asia Minor. Peter Charanis (1908-86) renowned Byzantologist who was the dean of Byzantine studies in the U.S.A. Tasos Kapsidelis(1913-1987), the tireless historian and philologist who authored four important historical books about Limnos. The doctor Stavros Tragaras, who was also painter, poet and the soul of the Association of the people from Atsiki inAthens, with notable initiatives such as the publication of the newspaper "The Voice of Atsiki" the organization of thematic seminars for literati of Atsiki and stonecutters, for cotton. George Tsimouris, professor of sociology at the Panteion University, with studies on the movement of populations from Asia Minor in the villages of Limnos, their manners and customs.

In Atsiki there is the church of Agios Georgios, with its stone carved bell tower and also the beach Agios Ermolaos (Agiarmola) with its rare rock formations.



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