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Sandy – rocky / normal
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A part of the route is dirt road and then walking to approximate the beach



You will drive through dirt roads. You will walk. You might find it hard to locate. It is really worth the hassle. Kokkina (“Red”) beach on Fakos Peninsula. The moment you arrive you will immediately recognize from where the beach got its name from, as the rocky part around the sandy beach is flaming red. Enjoy your swim untroubled, admire the red rocks nature has created. Do not forget to take all the necessary supplies with you!

From Diapori you will follow a dirt road that leads to Agia Efthimia. After driving 4.5 km leave your car and walk another 350 meters. As your walking down the path, you might need to walk through paddocks with fencing. If you open a door, always remember to close it behind you.




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