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Hipsipili was Queen of Limnos in mythical times. Her life was connected with one of the most shocking events of the matriarchal years.

Legend has it, that the women on the island revealed Hephaestus the infidelities of Venus so she made them unbearably malodorous in order to get back to them! The Lemnians, because they couldn’t bear their scent, started getting interested in girls from Thrace, but they paid for it dearly. The Lemnian women slaughtered all men on the island in just one night.

Hipsipili took exception to this act of madness and saved her father, King Thoa. Years later the Argonauts, travelling to Kolchida, stopped in Limnos and mated with the women on the island. Then, a great love among Hipsipili and Jason was born.

Euripides and Aeschylus wrote about her life in their tragedies.     

Today a square in Myrina is named after Hipsipili, a book written by the author Mary Lampadaridou - Pothou, and is a common female name on the island.   

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