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One of the most important wetlands of the Aegean is found on the eastern part of Limnos. The wetland of Chortarolimni -Aliki expanding over an area of approximately 18.000 acres, is comprised of a cluster of three lakes, Chortarolimni, Asprolimni and Aliki, and the wider area around them. The biotope which they constitute, is an exceptional example of wild nature with minimum human intervention. The region is not just of great scientific interest; but also offers a unique aesthetic experience.

The geographical location of the wetland is extremely important, as it acts as a resting and wintering station for many species of migratory birds.

The bird fauna of the region consists of more than 30 migratory and endemic species such as little egrets, herons, Lesser Kestrels, island chukar etc. The impressive 'phoenicoptera' – best known as flamingos- spend their winters here. You will find most of them in Aliki, where they've been recorded some of the largest gatherings of the species in Greece: up to 5000!

Here is also hosted the Tadorna Ferruginea, an Asian-originated duck species with tawny plumage, black and white wings and the size of a goose. In Limnos is found one of the most important populations of the species, which reproduces in Greece and Europe, as the geographical location of the island aids their migration.

ΑIf you are lucky and patient (!), you can even have a look of the white swans, noisy black-winged stilts, the social Eleonora's falcons and elegant avocents, with their distinctive flared up beaks.

The wetland of Chortarolimni – Aliki has been marked as a Special Protected Area for the conservation of wild bird life and Site of Community Importance for the conservation of the wetlands, according to European directives, thus worthily occupying a place in the Natura 2000 network.

You have the opportunity to learn more about the importance and value of the wetland from the Environmental Information Center in Kalliopi.

Besides the complex of these 3 lakes, other important wetlands are scattered around on the island. The largest of those are located in Moudros Bay, the airport area, Palaio Pedino and New Koutali.

How to get there:

You can reach Chortarolimni and Asprolimni through the village Kalliopi. The ideal spot to have a glimpse at them is to go through the village, and arriving at the beach Keros you can drive northerly for Asprolimni or southerly to find Chortarolimni, at the region of Agioganides. Winter visitors, especially those interested in the wild bird fauna, should keep in mind that the wider region of Chortarolimni often stagnates and thus pay particular attention on how to approach the wetland.

Aliki is found roughly 2km northerly, and expands over a larger area. You can have a visit when driving from Kontopouli towards Panagia, turning left on the provincial road and following a dirt road found roughly 3.4 km from the exit of the community of Kontopouli.

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